A Product Designer hailing from Brazil living in Finland.

I’m a Product Designer born in Brazil, living in Finland for the past decade. I have over ten years of experience in digital design and the creative field.

I started my career back in Brazil, I was the Flash guy, doing annoying pop-up banners to full animated sites. I worked on freelance projects from industries like finance, education, music, and advertising. The exposure made me a better designer who loves to collaborate and learn from all kinds of people.

After moving to Finland in 2009, I spent 2,5 years learning Finnish & English language. I belived at that time this was my best chance to continue my career as a Designer in Finland. In 2013 I started my own business. I worked with some local clients, which gave me the confidence (experience) to apply for better positions in other companies.

Working in a broad spectrum of design areas for the past 10 years, I had the privilege of designing digital products used and loved by millions. These include K-Ruoka Mobile, Yle News, Yle Sports, Yle Newswatch, and others.

Now, as a Product Designer, I can quickly visualize and prototype ideas, bringing a variety of tools and design methods to enrich digital experiences to the users.

Other than my passion for design, I have strong interests in photography, travel, coffee, and podcasting.